About George Thomas…

Growing up in the era of early space travel, Googie architecture, cars with tremendous tail-fins, and the birth of Disneyland, George Thomas spent his formative years in the Southern California of the 1950s -1960s, and it reflects in his art. Mixing the real with the surreal, sometimes separately and sometimes in the same piece, Thomas uses oil on canvas to portray a variety of subject matter, from landscapes and floral pictures, cars, mid-century architectural portraits, and iconic allegories, the latter of which are intricate, complex, retro-futuristic and nostalgic.

Born the same year as Disneyland, in 1955, he lived in Corona, California, an hour's drive (by far less crowded freeways than today) from the Magic Kingdom/Happiest Place on Earth.

Moving to Los Angeles in 1976 to attend Art Center College of Design, he absorbed those surroundings until he was graduated with honors. Thomas, a father of three, sensed God's call to a unique ministry and spent the next twenty years as a missionary and teacher. This adventure took him to different cultures and some rather remote parts of the world. Seeing for himself how people live and exist around the globe had a profound effect; many he met proved contentment in life certainly does not depend on material treasure.

All this turned out to be an important influence on his artistic vision. More recently, Thomas left his last home base in Antelope Valley California, changed deserts and currently lives in Palm Springs, CA.


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